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Hair is an attraction to the eye. It adorns our bodies and allows us to express ourselves through the freedom of self expression.  How important it is for   Ethnic women to embrace our   natural texture.  I am so excited to give a professional perspective ant the opportunity to share and learn from each other topics pertaining to hair and beauty.

Let’s begin a discussion about why our natural hair is such a conversational piece.   It is so amazing that something as natural as hair can be the most controversial discussion in the work place.  Why is that? To begin Black women have not taken ownership to the natural beauty we pose inside so we spend days, hours and lots of money searching for the person we are not and avoiding who we really are. We grew up in the after math of Madam CJ Walker, who was such a phenomenon entrepreneur, and the first female self made millionaire.  Her passion for educating women of color about skincare and hair care created   her wealth and awareness in our history.

Knowledge is power. Once we have a better understanding of our hair and its many textures,  then we are more equipped mentally to   take a natural hair journey. With the negative   comments or strange looks our journey can be easily derailed.  Words can make or break a person and their self worth .Choose your words accordingly, If Kinky makes you feel like your hair should feel like bobwire then try another word. If Nappy makes you feel like small balls are aligning your edges then feel free to choose a word more appealing to you and your mindset. Just know  that our  ethnic ity  has  blessed us  with such beautiful textured hair that is extremely versatile. We have the option of wearing in its natural curly state or blown out to wear it as straight as we like. My advice is natural hair is just that, natural hairs now to carry it over you have to go through a total transformation of how you think and feel about yourself.  Our hair is just a short portion of the journey; the distance is accepting ourselves for who we really are not overly concerned by what other thing of us.  You have to have a posture of positivity, assertiveness and confidence in your beauty.  The professional cannot give you that but; having dialogue with other Sisters who have traveled the path or are currently on the journey with you can gain insight and mental support to finish the journey to the end.   Accepting the truth about who we are and how we are accepted in society.  Although the journey starts with the hair it often times end with a self renewing spirit and love for the person that they have come to accept and that’s the ME in the mirror..

Now that we have exposed the true essence of what it takes to embrace our natural. Let’s  get back to loving who we are for the right reason.  The “Me” in you is unique and divinely fabulous.   I am so empowered about the inspiration I gain from women  that have made the decision to   reclaim the natural beauty  they   have abandoned  for so long.  Now scroll down to give us your thoughts, comments or questions – You can even post your photo of your natural tresses in the workplace.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Coming to the decision to wear my natural took a lot of thought… I had to take many things into consideration… my job… my life style…my friends… even people I didn’t know. Working in corporate america– to get ahead, and not look threating you have to look like everyone else…” team player”. thenI had to decide…my health or my apperance? hummm…food for thought. Finally my friends and others I never meet…will I look beautiful or will every comment made reference me to Kizzy from Roots? Well…I said all that to say…I made up my mind– I love the “Me” on the inside and wear my natural hair proudly.

  2. Valerie

    Sit one day, and people watch, natural hair is being worn in so many styles. So many Beautiful Sisters shave it, lock it, cornrow it, blow-it out, twist it, fro it, pick it, and wrap-it…. the “it” list can go on and on. Like everything else… “YOU” make the style, it’s not the other way around.
    Our hair allows us the diversity, and versatility to do anything and everything. YES!! It takes a leap of faith to go against what is now the “norm,” but remember, the best thing about hair is that it will grow back.

    In the end, education is key. The stylist at Loose Ends will help you understanding your hair and all it can do.

    By the way, you could always try a natural style wig. You will get looks from the people in your life, and you will get opinions from a few strangers (mostly from other natural women telling you “YOU LOOK FABULOUS”), but the most important opinion is yours. So test out the look. Hopefully in the end, you’ll have a better idea which way to spin in the chair.

  3. Great topic and absolutely controversial! Why controversy surrounds our hair is mindboggling! Although I wear my hair natural, although it is treated with color, I, in no way think that my sisters of color that choose not to and opt for Relaxers, that they are in no way having an identity crisis. Whatever suits you, is my opinion. I simply believe that Women of Color are beautiful in whatever way they decide to wear their hair. We should all consider what makes us look our best, and to be honest, I don’t think everyone wears natural hair well, but they can rock a short relaxed style and look amazing! And then there are those sisters that look like they were created to wear their hair natural! My sister is currently wearing a short natural fro after wearing locs for 7 years, and she just came to the conclusion that locs are the best style for her, they make her glow and come alive! But the short fro just wasn’t doing anything for her and when you don’t look your best, you don’t feel your best, regardless of the baddest shoe, clothing, or handbag you put on! When we accept what God has given us, then that’s when our true beauty shines! Just like finding the perfect dress, the size is right, not too tight, you can’t breathe or eat , not too short, you can’t sit down without needing a lap cloth, and not to low, that half your breasts are spilling over, is just the same as finding the best way to style your hair, it will simply fit and YOU will fall in love with it no matter what anyone says! I love Loose Ends Salon and the staff there, because whatever you choose, they will assist you to find that look that’s right for you and help you get there in a healthy way.

    • Gee

      Dayna, I could not agree more on embracing and accepting what God has given us. Being that I received a relaxer at a very young age, I had no idea of this blessing! Due to a bad relaxer and sew-in weave style, I decided to Big Chop and start all over….but this time with NO relaxer. I was a little self-conscious at first, but I am a believer in HEALTHY hair. So after a few conversations and research, I was introduced to a stylist at Loose Ends Hair Salon. I have to commend Suni Spencer on her knowledge and creativity in natural hair. As I embark on my 2nd year of being natural, I love the “Natural Me!” My hair has grown tremendously, and is the healthiest that it has ever been!

  4. Raquel

    All 3 of my best friends began their natural journey before I did. Two did the ‘big chop’ before they went abroad and the other grew her hair, while gradually cutting her relaxed ends. I received my last relaxer 2 years ago and at that time had not fully decided to try the ‘natural look’. I did not decide to ‘go natural’ until coming to Loose Ends.

    I am not a ‘big chop’ gal; I gradually grew my hair out and cut off my relaxed ends in intervals. Deciding to quit the ‘creamy crack’ (relaxing my hair) was one of the best decisions I could have made for my health, beauty, time management, and self-esteem. My relaxed hair was not unhealthy, but it took so much motivation to go the salon and get my hair styled. I could not scratch, drink or eat caffeine, etc., or else my styling experience would be almost as painful as an unplanned doctor’s visit.

    Now that my hair is ALL NATURAL, I do not have to worry about having a painful experience at the salon. It has become a relaxing and fun experience (something the hair salon never was for me). I get more compliments now, not because I am natural, but because I have no fear in the hairstyles I wear, thanks to Mrs. Deidre. My colleagues, family, friends, and strangers compliment my hair on its variety, for they never know what my hair will look like next.

    Having natural hair also saves money. I leave the salon with one style and the next week I can arrange my hair another way, giving myself a totally different look. With my relaxed hair it was straight, had curls or had different sized/positioned ponytails. I think what helps a person to ‘go natural’ and ‘stay natural’ is their support system. We all say what others think does not matter, but let’s be honest, self-esteem has never been based on our own self thoughts. Loose Ends Salon provides that; they educate, encourage, and empower; not just natural hairstyles, but all hairstyles.

    Some people feel this new wave of natural hairstyles is just a fad that will soon pass; for some it may be, but for this girl it is not. If you do not want to wear your hair natural, then don’t and don’t feel bad about the decision you have made. We are not our hair, but most people only see what’s on the outside before they get to experience all the goodness we all have on the inside. So let your out reflect what’s in and be proud of it. For if you don’t take care of you, those who see the out won’t respect or appreciate it because they see you don’t either.

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