Is your decision to be” Chemical Free” the topic at the dinner table?



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  1. Is your family supportive of your decision to be chemical free? Or are they giving you grief and causing you to have a complex? When my husband met me I was rocking a bald fade and since then I have worn many styles and colors so he has mentally conformed to whatever I wear. He makes me feel like I am Jill Scott regardless of what style I wear:) What about you? Are you comfortable with your decision ?

  2. Micheala J.

    n the beginning, my husband was very unsupportive of my “natural” state of mind. He said that long hair was something that he always liked, especially on me. I have always been a person who loves to try new styles and trends. He knew this already, but somewhere along the way he got amnesia! About 6 months into my natural journey, he finally came around. I think that he realized that I wasn’t going back to a relaxer, I cared how he felt, but I was unmoved by his feelings, and if he wanted to be “happy” with the rest of his life(gotta keep it rated G), he better get on this Fantastic Voyage to Naturaltopia!

  3. Tamika G.

    NO its not a topic at the table! I Believe hair does not make the person,The person make the hair, rather its Natural or Relaxed. I have been Chemical free for two years. I love to change up my styles like I change my purse. So I weave it, Thermal straighten it or embrace my natural curls .I keep the people guessing what next!

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