Curls best Companion. …Water?

WATER, WATER, and more WATER is what our God given curls need. It’s essential for  healthy natural hair. Some seem to believe that  too much water dries our hair out…believe me this is only a myth. Natural hair is attracted to water.The problem occurs when we can’t retain moisture and our hair suffers and begin to break .
There are 5 important rules to keeping your hair properly hydrated:
1. Use the proper cleanser for your hair type. Making sure it is sulfate free is great, but also make sure it doesn’t strip your hair of all the natural oils.
2. When cleansing your hair use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners have a  dual purpose, a detangler as well as a moisturizer.
3. Add oils and natural butters, especially Shea Butter to your hair  while  your cuticles are open(after you cleanse your hair).
4. Every 4-6 weeks have your stylist cocktail you a moisturizing Steam Hydration Treatment. THIS PROCESS IS ESSENTIAL IN MAINTAINING HEALTHY MOISTURIZED HAIR.
5. Keep your ends trimmed as needed. This is usually between every 6-8 weeks, however, this may vary on an individual basis.

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  1. yvonne

    Great info!

  2. Micheala

    I feel that water is essential to curls. I think the hydration treatments are a crucial part to my hair regimen. My natural hair is colored, and the hydration treatments help hold all my moisture in. My hair is always soft and well hydrated…

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