Protective Hair Styling

Protective Styles….

  a hair style designed to protect the ends from daily abuse known and unknown. Combing , brushing, twisting  all seem harmless but any of these techniques can be harmful if done improperly.  ..Everything in life needs a break. So does our hair.   There are many styles to consider .Styles that will last for 2 weeks or styles that last as long as 2 months. Be sure to choose a style that best suit your lifestyle and one that can be properly moisturized and maintained.




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  1. Micheala

    I love protective styles. My three daughters and I are all natural. We have very active lifestyles, and I don’t have time to engage in everyday hair maintenence. We visit the salon every 3-4 weeks, depending on what style we have. With protective styles, all I have to do is moisturize or light oil, and go! My main concern for myself and my girls is healthy hair-not length. My Loose Ends Salon family is committed to not only doing amazing hair, but also teaching clients how to nuture and care for their hair at home.

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